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sphere offers complete solutions to a wide range of industries including pharmacy, food and drink,fulfilment, postal, 3PL, book distribution, logistics and general warehousing. All solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of the client’s company. sphere has created many solutions for businesses over the years, and when you add this experience with the drive and determination to become even more innovative, sphere has all the ingredients to continue being a major success for years to come.

Mission Statement

At sphere we focus on creating successful businesses which enable growth to all our partners. We give businesses an opportunity to improve their services in order to provide excellent service to their clients.


sphere’s vision is to build a strong partnership with people in order to find new solutions which will benefit all people. We believe that innovation, creating new opportunities for companies and a future generation of specialists is a stepping stone for positive growth.

Our goals

Our main goals are to provide a better quality of life to people, a better quality of product to customers and to enable businesses to become more efficient. These goals remain the same for all of sphere’s subsidiaries, however the way these goals are met differ greatly.