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Washdown Checkweighers

Washdown Checkweighers


Washdown checkweighers are dedicated to work particularly within the food industry, where high humidity and frequent high pressure cleaning are the major issues. The construction has been designed to enable fast and easy cleaning. The electronics have been placed high above the weighing platform for minimal risk to the control panel. The “clean zone” ranges from the floor to the level of the conveyor belt (the area where food and production waste accumulates).

Standard functions:
  • Database of operators and products
  • RS 232/485 and Ethernet interfaces
  • I/O control
  • Real time statistics
  • Automatic printouts
  • Cooperation with computer software
  • Accessories and additional functions:
  • Faulty goods
  • Barcode scanner

The checkweigher can be equipped with standard ink printers and labelling printers allowing printing the tags of the weighed products.

Audio alarm and/or warning tower lights alert of any weights outside of the expected tolerances.
Various models are available for many different dimension and weight ranges. Contact one of our engineers now for advice on the best solution for your requirements.

HC  10 HC  15 HC  30 HC  60 HC  120 HC  150
Max  capacity  [Max] 10kg 15kg 30kg 60kg 120kg 150kg
Readability  [d] 5g 5g 10g 20g 50g 50g
Tare  range –  10kg -15kg -30kg -60kg -120kg -150kg
Conveyor  velocity 0.1  ““  0.5  m  /s
Working  temperature -10  Ã·  +40   °C
IP  rating IP  66/67
Power  supply 100  Ã·  240  V  AC  50  Ã·  60  Hz
Display LCD  15.6″  or  19″  (touch  screen)