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Conveyor Curves

Belted and roller based curve conveyors are ideal for bags, boxes, and mixed loads on a conveyor system.  SPHERE will spec and design the right solution for any curves needed throughout the process. There are many types of belts used on curves based on need such as distribution, washdown with plastic chain designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Excellent workmanship, simple design, minimal working parts combine for smooth, trouble free operation in a variety of applications.

Belted curves ensure 100% reliability when conveying bags or boxes around turns.
  • Simple, efficient, reliable design
  • High speed capability
  • Custom design available
  • Wide conveying widths available
  • Positive-drive chain tracks belt with precision

SPHERE  produces a large range of curves for various applications. Every type of curve has its own purpose and advantages.  SPHERE provides the following curves:

  • Belted Curve- Best utilised when conveying small to medium products
  • Roller Curve- Best utilised when conveying large boxes and parcels
  • Skate Roller Curve- Best utilised when products are uniform in shape and light in weight
  • Plastic Chain Curve- Best utilised when conveying small products. Low Maintenance
  • Timing Belt Curve- Best utilised for custom conveyors were product shapes are irregular