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Pallet Conveyors

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors for Pallets

SPHERE pallet conveyors are made from the highest quality materials and are used for the accumulation, storage and transfer of pallets. There are several types of pallet conveyor that SPHERE offer and each one is suited to a different purpose. Added features and options such as zero pressure accumulation ensure that no damage is incurred to the products while the pallets are conveyed.

Pallet conveyors can be built for various weights and depending on the purpose and location they will be manufactured from different materials. Pallet conveyors can be manufactured from the following materials:

Mild steel (Powder Coated)- Mild steel is the most common material used for pallet conveyor and is suitable for application where strength and robustness are required to carry heavy loads.

Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is used in the food production industry.