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Flex Impact

 Flex Impact – Shock Absorbent Safety Barriers

Flex Impact

Ultimate protection within your workplace!

SPHERE is proud to support the latest innovative safety solution on the market – Flex Impact.  A modular and flexible polymer barrier system, these unique barriers have been specially designed to increase protection and create an economically safe working environment.  Collisions are prevalent across many industries, and accidents can cost big in both employee well-being and business building assets.  Suspending work can cause delays and failures, and recovery could prove to be quite expensive.  As a company, that’s the last thing you want for your organisation.  Flex Impact, is then a wise investment.

Highly impact-resistant and shock absorbent!

All Flex Impact systems have been built and tested in accordance with the strictest standards of safety.  In any kind of impact, the material simply bends and returns to its original shape, after impact.  This is one of its best features.  The fact these safety systems can retain their looks and properties ensures businesses do not have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs or replacing barriers due to damage.   This brilliant design is cost-effective and should not be underestimated.

Flex Impact Collision