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Polymer Bollards

Flex Impact Bollards

Perfect for areas where collisions may occur frequently!

Flex Impact Bollards are a flexible solution for workplace environments that could be prone to a potential impacts or collisions – such as door ways, access points, corners of buildings and valuable machinery.  Available in a number of colours, patterns and designs to suit your working area, these bollards are highly reflective and visible.  They are equipped with the technologies of Flex Impact products, allowing the bollards to absorb a crash and flex back into its original shape.  Thanks to its synthetic materials repairs to the bollards are reduced and these units can be used as a traffic post.

SPHERE’s Flex Impact Bollards guarantee the safety and protection of industrial doors, corners, walls, electrical panels, valuable machines and building assets, from potential collisions involving forklifts, pallet trucks or other vehicles.   These bollards can be installed quickly into your working area.