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Universal racking protection – for all types of racking!

Introducing Flex Impact’s innovative RackBull – a rack protection system that is designed to fit all types of racking.  It securely fastens to existing racking, ensuring that accidents or damage is prevented.  Its unique polymer construction ensures the unit bounces back into shape and racks stay stable and secure.

Installation is a click away!

The first universal racking protection on the market, RackBull ensures you do not have to worry about finnicky measurements.  Thanks to its incredible design, a RackBull protector is installed in seconds and with a single click!  All you need to do is push the protection into place and it automatically snaps onto the rack.  Its fast, easy, efficient and will have your workplace operating effectively in no time!  Throw those user manuals and complex instruction guides away!

One-size, fits-all!

SPHERE’s Flex Impact RackBull fits all dimensions.  In contrast to other products on the market, the RackBull system is compressible with a unique impact core, making it flexible and movable.  That means the protector can easy move around racking pillars.  The system adjusts to varying width, making it an efficient security system.  Not to mention, its construction allows it to absorb impact, preventing damage to assets and saving in expenses.

This product has been designed for easy installation and ultimate protection.  As the first universal racking protection of its kind, SPHERE is proud to provide a product guaranteed to improve safety procedures around your workplace.