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Safety Gates

Flex Impact Safety Gates

Easily secure access points from incoming traffic!

Stop pedestrians in their tracks with Flex Impact’s Safety Gates.  These innovative solutions ensure employees do not access any area without caution.  The action of opening or closing a gate motivates them to check their surroundings and be on the look out for any traffic.  Install Flex Impact Safety Gates where pedestrians move to an area that has forklift activity, on any entry point into a warehouse or even at the end of walkways.

The Flex Impact Safety Gates are available in three amazing designs:

  • Drop Gate – opens the gate in an upward movement, perfect for areas with insufficient space to open and close gates.
  • Swing Gate  – swings open and closed like a normal entry point, however it also features a self-closing mechanism to avoid carelessness of open gates in access ways or walkways.  This option also allows the gate to swing both ways.
  • Sliding Gate – the sliding door moves to either the left or right side depending on environment and is exceptionally easy to install.

SPHERE’s Flex Impact Safety Gates are a unique feature that completes your workplaces barrier protection.  They easily fit in with any current environment or can compliment the wide range of Flex Impact system.