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Traffic Barriers

Flex Impact Traffic Barriers

Strong guard rails that protect infrastructure and clearly segregate traffic from pedestrians. 

Flex Impact Traffic Barriers boast impressive flexibility and impact resistance.  As one of the original polymer safety barrier systems, these units ensure the protection of walls, machines, equipment, building assets and infrastructure from any traffic (pallet trucks, forklifts and other vehicles).   Creating safety zones and secluding activity from potential hazards, these barriers have been specially designed to withstand impact from high-speed collisions.  In the event of a collision, these units are constructed with an innovative technology that allows them to return to their original shape.  Their modular design even allows them to be re-positioned and redesigned if your working area grows overtime.  Flex Impact Traffic Barriers are an investment in your organisations safety!

The tube-shaped design of the Traffic Barrier TB400 ensures crash protection against any forklift or vehicle accidents.   This is our low-lying option that sits just above ground.  It is available in a modular standard design (1600 mm [L] x 400 mm [H], including fasteners).  A number of accessories are available including corners, stainless steel versions and skirting-boards.

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier - TB400

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier – TB400

Another option that your workplace can benefit from is our Traffic Barrier Plus.  This design combines the strengths of our handrail systems with the TB400.  This is a preferred investment as it provides complete protection of pedestrians from incoming traffic, with more strength and resistance than ever before.  As an extension to the TB400, the Traffic Barrier Plus adds a double handrail above, to ensure it has the height to create safe working zones.

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier - TB Plus

Flex Impact Traffic Barrier – TB Plus

SPHERE’s Flex Impact Traffic Barriers allow you to build an amazing protection zone that suits your workplace in entirety.  Guarantee the safety of your workplace with these amazing inventions.