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Bespoke custom designs

Bespoke Custom Designs

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”22″] SPHERE always welcome a challenge and through use of our experience and expertise we are more than happy to develop any custom robotic solutions which suit your business requirements. A typical example is explained below when a customer required a system to automatically reduce the height of pallet sized boxes and apply lids before shipping.

Case Reduction and Automated Lidding

Often company’s ship products in large pallet size cases, if these cases are not completely full then the cost of shipping can increase significantly.¬†SPHERE recently developed a solution for a customer whereby box contents were detected, case height reduced accordingly and a lid securely applied. Pallets are conveyed into the robot cell where a robot with a vision system attached is used to scan the height of the contents and the total height of the box. Using these measurements the system can then determine the difference in height and calculate the minimum height that the pallet can becut to. The robotic arm will cut the box to the desired height and remove the excess material to a waste area.

The pallet is then conveyed into a second robotic cell where again the box is measured using the robot head and the system will determine what lid is required for the given box. Correct size lid is retrieved by the robot and applied to the box.