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Scanning and Validation

Scanning Systems and Product Validation

SPHERE designs robust systems to meet and exceed customer requirements. Scanning and product verification is becoming crucial to distribution networks as standards and processes are much more complex than in previous years. SPHERE designs robust systems to meet and exceed customer requirements. We are able to identify products as well as validate many aspects such as tolerances, placements, if a critical item is on a particular product, etc. Nearly every type of system SPHERE installs requires identification or validation in some form.

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In addition to camera and vision based systems for validation, SPHERE also provides scanning systems that will read nearly any type of barcode found in today’s manufacturing and distribution supply chains. Some of the codes used today include typical 1D shipping barcodes, 2D such as Data Matrix and PDF, as well as QR codes.

Scanning and Verification Applications

  • High speed counting
  • High speed product verification of shape, lids, colour, etc.
  • Barcode scanning
  • 2D/image based identification and validation
  • All automation projects that require unique identification of each item

SPHERE Scanning and validation systems utilise barcode scanners as well as image based scanners to update your WMS and verify products being shipped. With a wide range of cameras available, SPHERE can scan almost any barcode, 1D and 2D, over a large field of view and interface with your WMS to determine the expected properties of the shipment. By interfacing with other SPHERE validation products such as Checkweighers and Cubers, the SPHERE system can validate the goods being shipped reducing error rates and returns costs.

SPHERE scanning and validation systems can be used to provide proof of packaging and will inform the operator if there is an item misplaced or removed. SPHERE system can provide a full report on the packaging of single orders and can provide photographic evidence of packaged items by mounting cameras at either manual or automated pack stations.