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Crossdock Systems

Cross Docking

Cross-docking is the process by which products from an incoming vehicle are unloaded and reloaded directly into outbound vehicles, with little or no storage in between. ¬†SPHERE can automate this process thus removing the need for manual handling between trucks. SPHERE’s cross-docking systems will automatically scan a barcode on any side of the incoming products before interfacing with the customer’s WMS to determine the product’s final destination.Product is routed through the warehouse utilising ¬†SPHERE conveyors and Sortation modules to divert the product to the correct out-going loading bay. SPHERE’s Extendable conveyors can also be supplied to aid loading and un-loading of trucks.SPHERE’s Cross docking systems not only has the potential to reduce costs but can also increase customer satisfaction and can advance the supply chain for a variety of products.