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We are excited to introduce you to SPHERE!

First of all thank you for stopping by and for your interest in SPHERE! We are delighted to introduce you to our Company.

Over the last few months we have been working very hard to translate our values into the branding which we felt best represents everything that we believe in.

We were previously known as Cornerstone Automation Systems.

Our work together allowed us to build strong foundations for reliable business across the world. We have been in key industries for over 4 years, during which we had the pleasure to work with great customer on amazing projects.

SPHERE is an organic result of a successful and expanding company, which enables us to provide more unique and targeted solutions.

During that time we have gained invaluable experience and learnt the importance of partnership and innovation, which are necessary for future growth. We wanted to translate all our knowledge into services that we offer our clients.

In SPHERE we believe in progress. Instead relying on yesterday’s solutions, we are focused on a more innovative approach.

Our thoughts are greatly described by Benjamin B. Tregoe who said:

“It is no longer possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. People are finding out that what worked two years ago won’t work next week”¦They can either bemoan the fact to be or they can use their creative abilities to find new answers, new solutions, and new ideas.”

Every business is treated individually, and the systems we provide are tailored to each organisation’s specific needs. The trust placed in us by our clients is invaluable and we are continually seeking ways to exceed our services in order to create solutions, ultimately giving our clients the opportunity to expand their business and help them with continuous growth.

In today’s world, businesses and customers’ expectations are changing very quickly and it can be challenging to every company to try to keep up with those changes. That is why we would like to help as many companies and people as possible. By working closely with our business partners and identifying their needs, we will help them become leaders in their industry, by delivering unique turnkey solutions.

We thrive on customer successes, and we are always here to help achieve and exceed expectations.

We hope that our website will contain the solution to help your company grow and progress.

Explore and enjoy! And if you have question, requests or would like to chat, please call or email us anytime.


11th December 2014