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Real World Healthcare Solutions

Intelligence in healthcare from prescription to patient consumption.

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Welcome to SPHERE Healthcare

Healthcare solutions ensure that pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers can provide a more transparent, reliable service for patients.

About us

SPHERE is a corporation based in Northern Ireland. SPHERE has subsidiaries operating under the ‘SPHERE’ name.SPHERE’s mission is to provide a better quality of life to people, a better product to customers, and to enable businesses to become more efficient. Current health policies recognise the need to optimise the health outcomes of medicines for people as well as delivering safe systems and processes for medicine management. This is where our advanced solutions step in and help resolve the problems within the pharmaceutical sector.



“Improving adherence would have a greater impact on health than any potential
discovery in medicine.” – World Health Organisation

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Consumer safety is crucially important within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, due to the entrance of counterfeit drugs into the supply chain. Counterfeit prescription drugs are a worldwide problem, which reach to as high as 30 percent of the supply in some countries. These counterfeit medicines are currently estimated to make up between 6% - 10% of the worldwide market in medicines with annual sales in the region of $35 billion.
Studies reported that approximately half of patients could not correctly report how and when to take their medication 10 to 80 minutes after they were provided with the information. Yet another report stated that over 60% of the patients interviewed immediately after the visit with their medical practitioners, had misunderstood the directions regarding the prescribed medication.
A unique study into prescribing errors by GP’s found mistakes such as wrong dosages, lack of instructions and insufficient monitoring of patients on dangerous drugs were ‘common’ with a mean error rate of 8.9 errors per 100 administration of prescriptions.

SPHERE Solutions

In today’s world, Track and Trace for pharmaceutical industry is becoming the new standard. Our Infomatic Healthcare solutions provide an ultimate track and trace system that meets and exceeds the current serialisation legislation and is also very flexible to adapt to all upcoming regulations. This is achieved using our unique and advanced solutions which are explained further below.

SPHERE Infomatic Healthcare’s mission is to:

  • Improve Adherence
  • Eliminate medication fraud
  • Reduce shrinkage
  • Effectively monitor a patient’s progress on current medication via biometrics
  • And to improve overall health and wellbeing of patients and reduce costs to the Health Service.

We provide innovative solutions such as:

  • Traceability of prescribed medicines

We can track the actual auto-trail of prescription medication from:

  • The supplier
  • To the manufacturer
  • To the re-packager
  • To the primary wholesale distributor
  • To the secondary wholesale distributor
  • To pharmacies/hospitals/healthcare homes

Right to the Patients; whilst keeping track of the information such as the:

  • barcode, expiration date, supplier etc.
  • Ensuring that patients independence by ensuring they take the correct medicines at the correct time.
  • Packaging of prescribed medicines, for pharmacies and care homes
  • Individual prescription arrangements and many more unique solutions.

If you would like any further information or to discuss matter further, Please Do not hesitate to contact us