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SPHERE can help you throughout the design and planning process to ensure a cost effective solution from start to finish. Be it a new greenfield site or re-laying of an existing factory, SPHERE’s experienced engineers are here to offer their expertise and knowledge to ensure you receive the solution that maximises your efficiencies throughout your factory. We will work with our customer’s to understand their processes and requirements and advise of the most suitable solution. 3D drawings and factory layouts are offered so you know exactly what your factory will look like and explore all scenarios.


Our solutions are assembled in house and transported directly to our clients, for larger productions we disassemble the project and reassemble it on site. This approach lowers labour costs for our clients while still generating the perfect solution to meet their needs. Product can also be shipped in kit form allowing the more technically gifted to assemble on site themselves if they wish.


SPHERE’s state of the art 70,000 sq foot warehouse offers the perfect venue for the production and assembly of all your profile requirements. A large volume of stock is always kept on site to ensure we can offer you a rapid turnaround on orders and ideal for those last minute requirements. With all the required machinery utilising the latest technologies along with our experienced engineers we can offer you the highest quality finished product completely assembled in house from start to finish.